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This is a virtual consultation and coaching company focused on making mindfulness and psychological health mainstream.

I created Dr. MindfulMama to be of service to more people. I strongly believe that psychology and its insights offer a way to improve EVERYONE’s life in small and big ways. Mental health is equal to, if not more important than, physical health, and it is essential that I spread that message.

Mindful Moments Calendar

Receive daily notifications, directly to your calendar, of bite-sized actions to start building the practice of daily mindfulness into your life.

DIY Therapy Memberships for Women

Come get more info about my “Gym membership for your mind” subscription program, and sign up today!


We have several retreats scheduled throughout the year. Get a closer look and see what may work for you.


I have a number of different coaching options available, including some of the ones listed. Click on the link for full details and let’s book a coaching session together now!

Conscious Wellness
1:1 Mindfulness
Relationship & Couples
1:1 Parent Coaching


Virtual workshops are available everywhere. In-person workshops are available on Oahu, Hawai’i.

Engage in various creative activities
Cultivate mindful awareness
Sharing and creating together

Psychology Services or Therapy and Assessment

Only available in Hawai’i, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, where providers are licensed. Some services may be covered by health insurance 

Individual & Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Child & Adolescent Evaluations

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