I offer several types of coaching. Find the one that is right for you.

Below is my selection of different coaching options. There is something for everyone, so scroll through and find what you need. Feel free to contact me any time,

Conscious Wellness for Healthcare Professionals Group Coaching

You will get a live Q&A with Dr. Gaby and other experts twice monthly, a Chaos to Calm Digital journal, lifetime access to a growing digital library of videos and mental wellness resources, early access and discounted rates to workshops and retreat opportunities, and much more!

From Overwhelmed Chaos to Compassionate Calm in 90 Days
Bi-annual group coaching program for health care providers – doctors, nurses, dentists, social workers, therapists, etc.
Private Facebook Group
Daily Inspirational text or video to prime your mind for calm intentions
Two 60-minute live interactive learning sessions exercise for the brain and heart
Weekly downloadable meditation
Two monthly virtual support groups for accountability and safe, nonjudgmental spaces for introspection 
Asynchronous Text Spruce access to Dr. Gaby – the ability to text 24/7, and she will reply within 24/48 hours

1:1 Mindfulness Coaching with Dr. Gaby 

Similar to a personal trainer for your physical health, it is a guide/coach for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
Do you struggle with anxious thoughts, periods of sadness, lack of energy and motivation, or unexplainable anger and frustration? This is the coaching session for you.

Do you feel like you should be doing something else or something more with your life? These emotional experiences are part of the human experience but can feel overwhelming and hard to change on our own.
Do you struggle with overwhelming chaos and want to slow down and create a more calm and engaged presence?
1:1 session with a psychologist targeting your psychological and emotional health.

Relationship Coaching for Couples

Couples don’t need to wait until there is a problem or the problem is too big. Take a proactive approach and nurture your relationship to STAY healthy.

Interpersonal relationship improvement or enhancement sessions.
Identify personality patterns and barriers to communication that lead to interpersonal conflicts.
Learn more about your partner and how to enhance and enrich your relationship dynamics.
Identify and practice conflict resolution strategies that work with your communication styles as partners.

1:1 Parent Coaching with Ms. Amy Rogers

Share about the problems, understand the underlying dynamics, and brainstorm a plan of action.

A session with caregivers focused on parenting patterns, parenting tools, and implementing a parenting plan.
Target those challenging behaviors by gaining a deeper understanding of why they happen, why they are so frustrating, and making an action plan.
Develop a behavior management system that is based on the values that are important in your family.
Create sustainable change that improves the quality of your family’s interaction patterns.