Hello and Welcome!


This is a place for all. At least that is my vision.

My work as a helping professional for the last 18 years has led me to this place. Sometimes I will wear my Dr. Gaby hat, and other times, the mom hat, the woman hat, the wife hat or the human hat. For I’m all of these things, and more and so are you.

This is a place for learning, a place for imperfection and most of all a place of courage, fear, awareness and growth.

My dream is to raise society’s consciousness through sharing knowledge, my personal experiences and the experiences of my fellow humans. My vision is to foster human connections within our own minds or in places where connection may feel impossible or differences seem too great.

The content you see will evolve and I hope it’s a collaborative process. Growth is a reciprocal process and I will learn just as much as you will, if we remain mindful and open to the journey.

Some days there will be helpful tips, some days there will be mindful challenges, other days it will be a cathartic rant and yet other days some critique of research. It will be imperfect, it will be funny, real, raw, humbling and grounding.

Lastly, love will always be at the heart of my actions and intentions, a love for myself, my family, my community and for my fellow humans.

Come join me, let’s share our hearts and be reminded of our strength as individuals, but also as a community.

With love

Dr. Gaby